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Creating Sales Velocity Audiobook

Creating Sales Velocity Audiobook


by Matthew Ferry

  • Narrated by: Matthew Ferry
  • Length: 2 hrs and 51 mins
  • Release date: 09-01-15
  • Language: English

Matthew Ferry’s approach to sales is like nothing you’ve ever heard before. These powerful techniques – simple and cutting edge – will give you the tools to attract sales effortlessly. Salespeople coached by Matthew have achieved jaw-dropping results. With ease and grace, you too will accelerate the sales process and create sales velocity.

As you become a conscious salesperson, people who never would have done business with you in the past will suddenly start doing business with you. As you implement Matthew’s techniques, you’ll amplify your money magnetism, and you’ll start to experience synchronicity in the sales process. Sales will seem to happen automatically.

Frustration, anxiety, and the natural ups and downs of the sales process will disappear. You’ll meet each morning with excitement and anticipation of a new adventure. It will be as if you know a secret that gives you an extreme advantage in life. Your future will become clear, your dreams will begin to crystallize, and your goals will start coming true, but you won’t be able to explain how it’s happening … it will just be a natural result of practicing Matthew’s techniques.

The privileged salespeople who’ve been coached by Matthew personally report that their friends and coworkers start making comments like “Wow! What’s going on with you? You seem like you’re in such a good place!” or “How are you making so many sales? You make it seem so effortless!” You’ll find yourself intuitively knowing exactly the right thing to say to get someone to buy. It will feel like you have ESP when you’re with clients. Your fear of failure will nearly disappear, and you’ll start to wonder why prospects ever said no to you. People you never could have done business with in the past will become your best clients. Problem situations and nasty clients will find your approach calming and will appreciate you for your ability to quickly get things resolved.

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2 hrs and 51 mins

Narrated by

Matthew Ferry

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