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Conscious Confidence Audiobook
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Conscious Confidence Audiobook

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by Sarah Mane

  • Narrated by: Sarah Mane
  • Length: 6 hrs and 50 mins
  • Release date: 02-11-20
  • Language: English

A confidence-boosting program based on the spiritual insights of Sanskrit, the language of enlightenment.

  • Draws on traditional stories from East and West and scholarly works to reveal the wisdom behind Sanskrit words and how to experience them to transform our lives and build confidence, certainty, clarity, and success
  • Explains the fourfold energy of the Conscious Confidence program: focusing, uniting, simplifying, and energizing
  • Offers practical exercises for discovering our inner certainty and overcoming fear, anxiety, and insecurity 

Called “the language of enlightenment”, Sanskrit is truly unique among all the languages of the world. This ancient language, upon which so many of our English words are based, gives us an entire system to show what to do in order to experience the full meaning of a word. In this profound way, Sanskrit offers a touchstone of timeless wisdom that each of us can access to transform our lives and build confidence, certainty, clarity, and success.

In Conscious Confidence, Sanskrit scholar Sarah Mane offers a practical confidence-boosting program, derived from the deepest meanings of Sanskrit concepts, to help you establish a safe and secure reference point from which to see the world and make clear decisions on how to act, what to say, and how to feel. She explores the Sanskrit roots of English words related to confidence and success, unlocking rich, three-dimensional understandings of each word as well as guidance on how to obtain confidence and find your path in life. For example, the word attitude, based on its Sanskrit roots, means “our point of view, our intent, and our conduct”. A positive attitude means we have a self-aware point of view, have an intent for the good, and conduct ourselves in ways that reflect both. This true attitude gives us a positive and powerful place from which to view the world. The author also incorporates traditional stories from East and West, such as the Mahabharata and the works of Plato, scholarly references, and accounts of people discovering hidden depths in their own lives through the ancient truth of Sanskrit.

Drawing upon the deeper meanings behind several Sanskrit words for confidence, Mane outlines principles for harnessing the fourfold energies of Conscious Confidence and offers practical exercises for discovering our inner certainty. She explains how the Conscious Confidence method allows us to tackle the growing anxiety and fear that hang like a shadow over many of us and look to the unchanging core of selfhood for certainty, rather than ever-changing externals.

With the Conscious Confidence program and the wisdom of Sanskrit, you can discover a strong and steady inner source of compassion, self-direction, self-empowerment, and the life force of self-confidence.

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6 hrs and 50 mins

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Sarah Mane

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