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Communicate NOT Communihate Audiobook

Communicate NOT Communihate Audiobook


by Chris Johnson MBA

  • Narrated by: Chris Johnson
  • Length: 2 hrs and 31 mins
  • Release date: 07-26-18
  • Language: English

Do you desire to be a better communicator?

We all communicate every day, whether we choose to or not, and we all want something as a result of the messages we communicate. But, most people confuse talking with communicating and muddle through their interactions with others. However, if you want to be an outstanding communicator, Chris Johnson has the answer. 

Communicate NOT Communihate is a powerful, insightful, and easy-listening book that has been geared towards leaders and professionals. It was meticulously crafted to empower you with vital tools, techniques, and advice you need to become an effective communicator.

Communication is a must-have skill for all people, especially leaders and professionals. It does not matter what industry you’re working in, the role, or size of the organization you’re leading, you will inevitably interact with many different people. And effective communication is the main component to ensure professional success, regardless if your interactions are interpersonal, group, or corporately oriented. Therefore, it is critically important to develop or sharpen your skills and abilities to clearly communicate your thoughts and build trusting relationships.

It is nearly impossible to become a great leader without being a great communicator. The keys to become a great communicator is scarcely found in the realm of academia. In most cases, it is the subtle elements of communication that are rarely taught in a classroom (the essential others-centered facets), which leaders and professionals desperately need to be effective. Examine history and you will find the greatest leaders, were also exceptional communicators and regardless of which leaders you choose to examine, they all exhibit certain traits that set them apart.

In Communicate NOT Communihate, Chris gives you eight keys, which if used consistently, will unveil your ability to confidently stand out as an effective communicator.

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Chris Johnson MBA




2 hrs and 31 mins

Narrated by

Chris Johnson

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