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Common Habits of Successful People Audiobook
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Common Habits of Successful People Audiobook



by Brian James

  • Narrated by: Jason Belvill
  • Length: 3 hrs and 6 mins
  • Release date: 12-11-19
  • Language: English

What is success? Why do some people have it and others don’t? Why is there a high concentration of wealth among the top 1 percent of society, while everyone else struggles to get by? What differentiates the entrepreneur from the average Joe working a steady nine-to-five job?

The secret of success is that there are no shortcuts to get there. Everyone who has made it has spent their fair share of blood, sweat, and tears just to get a taste. But that’s not the side people want to see. All they are concerned with are the expensive cars and the two-door garage. Success then becomes a myth to the common man, who idolizes and dreams about it, but who could never in his wildest dreams imagine that it would happen to him.

And yet, it can. There is nothing stopping you from becoming successful, except for maybe yourself.

No, you don’t need to invest in the latest big tech stock, or spend six years of your life pursuing an advance degree (though in certain respects that would certainly help). Instead, there is a simple to follow formula for becoming successful that you can learn through listening to this audiobook.

But don’t be fooled. Just because it is simple doesn’t mean that it is easy. If it were so easy, then everybody would be driving around in luxury cars. It requires hard work and dedication, and then even more hard work and dedication, which is not something that everyone is willing to put forth.

If you put all of the traits of successful people together what will you find that they have in common? It’s not intelligence, education, nor racial background. Neither does it have anything to do with gender or nationality. Successful people can be found all across the board. What you will found though, is a set of habits that they are share in common.

These habits are the key to success. That is, if you are willing to forge it out of your own toils and then unlock the success mindset once and for all.

  • A beginner’s handbook for creating the valuable habits that CEO’s and other successful people share in common
  • Understand why success is rare in our society, why it is valued, and why you should pursue it
  • Gain insights into the daily lives of successful people. How they plan they day, how they take care of their selves, and their business affairs
  • A breakdown of the most important habits for becoming successful and how to create them in your own life
  • Discovery a new definition of self-discipline and how it can help you overcome the daily challenges you must face
  • Procrastination is the common enemy of all success story. Learn how to defeat it and become the master of your self

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3 hrs and 6 mins

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