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Christmas Wishes: Laura’s Story Audiobook
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Christmas Wishes: Laura’s Story Audiobook



by R. Barri Flowers

  • Narrated by: Jennifer Keister
  • Length: 3 hrs and 36 mins
  • Release date: 11-30-11
  • Language: English

Laura Kettleton, three months shy of turning 16, lives in Cranbrook, Oregon. It’s early December and she already has her Christmas wish list written down. These include wishing that Martin Walker would like her as more than a friend; that her best friend, Saba Knight, had not moved to Alaska; and that her parents were not on the verge of getting a divorce.

She didn’t believe for one second that some silly wishes would change the misery in her life. But when the science teacher, Mr. Packard, calling himself the Wizard of Wishes at the Wish Upon a Star school dance, talks her into making her wishes to a fake star, Laura soon finds that her life has turned upside down as her wishes suddenly come true.

Is she imagining it or really living December over again, only this time in ways she couldn’t begin to comprehend? Would she wake up one day to find her life has returned to normal? Or had this become the new norm with no turning back?

Laura’s fantasy holiday tale will warm hearts and resonate with teenagers as she experiences the magic of having one’s wishes come true in the spirit of the Christmas season.

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R. Barri Flowers




3 hrs and 36 mins

Narrated by

Jennifer Keister

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