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Christmas Swap Audiobook

Christmas Swap Audiobook


by Alyson Belle

  • Narrated by: Scottie Calif
  • Length: 3 hrs and 30 mins
  • Release date: 03-19-18
  • Language: English

When Albert Green donates the last $20 he has as a gesture of goodwill to a funny old man beside a mysteriously decorated tree, he’s blessed with the chance to make a single, magical Christmas wish! He closes his eyes and wishes for the one thing he’s wanted more than anything else in his whole life: to experience life as a woman. That night, the three spirits of Christmas appear to him in his dreams and work a holiday miracle on his sleeping form.

When he awakens, he’s shocked to discover that he’s 16 years old again and trapped in the body of an alternate reality version of himself that has always been female! Not only that, but she’s smoking hot. The spirits have granted him two weeks in his own past to experience what life as a woman would have been like, and Albert – now “Allie” – intends to enjoy every possible moment of it.

Will Allie be able to navigate the new and foreign challenges of her strict Catholic school as a teenage girl, beat the mean queen bee, Eva Grey, and get an invite to the Christmas dance from her own best friend (and hot crush) Jacob Heyward? And as she slowly falls in love with her new, feminine body, will she find a way to hang onto it? The spirits hinted that there might be a way to remain as Allie forever, but only if she manages to find something as magical as true love’s kiss before her time runs out….

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Alyson Belle

Narrated by

Scottie Calif


3 hrs and 30 mins

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