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Choosing Words That Heal Audiobook

Choosing Words That Heal Audiobook


by Adam Houge

  • Narrated by: Michale Griffith
  • Length: 54 mins
  • Release date: 11-07-14
  • Language: English

The words we use can have a tremendous impact on a person’s life. With them we can build up a heart or with them we can break one. Words can bless and words can crush, but if they’re not founded in love they’ll always be harmful in one way or another.

Love has always been expressed first through the lips. Before every romantic relationship begins, words of love come first. We communicate our hearts through our mouths, and whatever is bubbling over from our hearts spills forth from the mouth.

Like a kiss on the ear a beautiful word can truly bless a soul. But a bitter word can crush a spirit. The words we use can hurt, and are often taken seriously by the one we’re speaking to. We ought not to be caught saying things we don’t actually mean, but expressing sincerity with the heart of Christ.

Knowing this, we ought to devote ourselves to having holy, edifying, and loving tongues. For if the Gospel of Jesus comes from our mouths, then what are hurtful words doing there as well? One should be careful to abstain from negative talk, whether toward others or of ourselves. Consider devoting yourself to have lips full of love as you choose words that heal.

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Adam Houge




54 mins

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Michale Griffith

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