Change Anything by Overcoming Fear Audiobook By Leslie Riopel cover art
Change Anything by Overcoming Fear Audiobook

Change Anything by Overcoming Fear Audiobook


by Leslie Riopel

  • Narrated by: Lee Zasloff
  • Length: 1 hr and 47 mins
  • Release date: 06-23-14
  • Language: English

Change Anything by Overcoming Fear is the second book in the Creating Your Own Reality series. This book is all about embracing change. In essence, we are all actors on a stage the stage of our life. What we don’t realize is that we are also the producer, the director, the creator and the writer in addition to being the actor. Many of us have forgotten that we have this power in our lives to create anything we desire. As an actor we are starring in the most important role of our career, the play we call our lives.

Starting with a classic Milton Erickson style tale about the Town of Fear, this book can help you shift your consciousness and your perspective by opening your mind up to the infinite possibilities in life. Change can be a difficult process but it is not a four-letter word. Everything in our lives is interconnected. We live in a web of infinite energy. The things we do and the people we speak to are connected to us within this web. Many of us are hardwired to expect fear thanks to our reptilian brain, but using the clever analogy that we are but an actor on a stage, we see that each of us owns all of the experiences in our lives. The moment we get that is the same moment we start to move forward. This book helps one understand the concept of a secondary gain and it helps one understand why they may choose to stay stuck. Understanding this simple concept can help you make dramatic breakthroughs. Written from a Clinical Hypnotherapist’s perspective, the exercises in this book will prove invaluable. Experience the magic of parts therapy dialogue by bringing together all of those different parts of yourself that may be working against you by holding a meeting with your board of directors of life. Digging into these issues is life transforming and akin to peeling an onion. Discovering what your passions are and what your greatest joys are can help you move mountains as you follow the steps towards your dreams and desires.

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Leslie Riopel




1 hr and 47 mins

Narrated by

Lee Zasloff

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