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Chakra Healing Practical Meditation Audiobook
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Chakra Healing Practical Meditation Audiobook

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by Amalmani Taylor

  • Narrated by: Nyamukandawiri
  • Length: 7 hrs and 59 mins
  • Release date: 10-07-19
  • Language: English

Includes two audiobooks.

Chakra Healing

The art of chakra healing has been used for centuries to balance important energy centers in our body called chakras. We can use several different tools, such as stones or meditation during chakra balancing. The result will be a physically healthier body and a happier, more peaceful you.

The word chakra comes from a Sanskrit – ancient Indian language – a word which can mean either spinning wheel, circle, or vortex. From this word, we intuit that chakras are a spiraling dynamic force.

Energy flows through the subtle body and indeed the physical body through nadis or channels.The Sushumna is the central channel which is like the spinal cord of the subtle body, with lesser channels, Ida, and Pingala spiraling around it, and thousands of smaller nadis, extending to all areas of the body. The nadis are kind of like the central nervous system of the subtle body.

Practical Meditation

Meditation is one of the great Eastern practices that has started to take hold in Western culture. People all over the world are benefiting from it, both in mind and body.

So, why isn’t everyone meditating? It could be that not everyone knows of all the amazing benefits like increased relaxation and decreased levels of anxiety and depression.

This audiobook contains a rundown of only some of the many benefits of meditation and a set of instructions for starting your meditation practice.

Some styles of meditations rely on complete silence, some employ the repetition of specific words or “mantras”, some offer guided imagery and affirmations, some focus on specific energy centers or “chakras”, some utilize specific sounds and music, some have very ancient roots, rituals, and religious traditions.

And there are many more varieties and combinations. You will simply discover everything here.

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