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Cavapoo Bible and Cavapoos Audiobook
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Cavapoo Bible and Cavapoos Audiobook



by Mark Manfield

  • Narrated by: Ken Johnson
  • Length: 3 hrs and 25 mins
  • Release date: 06-01-20
  • Language: English

Cavapoo Bible and Cavapoos is your complete cavapoo guide! It contains all the proven insider tips you’ll need to have the very best experience with your Cavapoo.

In this acclaimed Cavapoo audiobook, you’re about to discover: 

  • The secret history of the Cavapoo.
  • How to decide if the Cavapoo is the right breed for you.
  • Cavapoo puppies – how do you choose the best one for you?
  • Cavapoo breeders – how can you pick the best and avoid the rest?
  • Socializing your Cavapoo – what does it mean and how can you do it right?
  • Cavapoo personality secrets and behavior tricks.
  • Cavapoo training – what are the best techniques for the breed’s personality?
  • Cavapoo breeding – is it for you?
  • Cavapoo grooming secrets.
  • Cavapoo health – how can you ensure their longevity?

And much, much more…

You will discover all the proven insider Cavapoo secrets you’ll need to have the very best experience with your Cavapoo. The Cavapoo is very unique, as is about to be revealed. Everything is covered including Cavapoo breed history, finding the best Cavapoo for you, Cavapoo puppies, and how to pick the best and avoid the worst!

Cavapoo care and keeping your Cavapoo healthy and ensuring great behavior are all covered. Importantly, Cavapoo life stages are all covered from puppies to adolescence, training through to adulthood, how to care for your Cavapoo from adulthood into old age, and even how to slow down the aging process! The tips within will prove invaluable.

This audiobook is a must-listen if you are passionate about the Cavapoo, and it will give you everything you need to succeed now, with proven advice that works fast no matter what your experience level is. So, don’t miss out. If you want to have the best possible experience with your Cavapoo, you need to listen to this audiobook now!

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Mark Manfield




3 hrs and 25 mins

Narrated by

Ken Johnson

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