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Camelot Audiobook

Camelot Audiobook


by Giles Kristian

  • Narrated by: Phillip Stevens
  • Length: 20 hrs and 10 mins
  • Release date: 05-14-20
  • Language: English


Brought to you by Penguin. 

Following his acclaimed Sunday Times best seller, Lancelot, Giles Kristian’s new novel returns us to the realms of Arthurian legend…. 

Britain is a land riven by anarchy, slaughter, famine, filth and darkness. Its armies are destroyed, its heroes dead or missing. Arthur and Lancelot fell in the last great battle and Merlin has not been seen these past 10 years. Now the Saxons are gathering again, their warbands stalk the land, their king seeks dominion. As for the lords and kings of Britain, they look only to their own survival and will not unite as they once did under Arthur and his legendary sword Excalibur. 

But in an isolated monastery in the marshes of Avalon, a novice of the order is preparing to take his vows when the life he has known is suddenly turned upside down in a welter of blood. Two strangers – the wild-spirited, Saxon-killing Iselle and the ageing warrior Gawain – will pluck the young man from the wreckage of his simple existence. Together, they will seek the last druid and the cauldron of a god. And the young man must come to terms with his legacy and fate as the son of the most celebrated yet most infamous of Arthur’s warriors: Lancelot. 

For this is the story of Galahad, Lancelot’s son – the reluctant warrior who dared to keep the dream of Camelot alive….

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Giles Kristian




20 hrs and 10 mins

Narrated by

Phillip Stevens

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