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Bulletproof Brain : Mental Strength Training Audiobook
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Bulletproof Brain : Mental Strength Training Audiobook



by Jasper Woods

  • Narrated by: Mark Rabi
  • Length: 3 hrs and 16 mins
  • Release date: 04-24-20
  • Language: English

Wish you can fortify your mind and use your emotions to your advantage?

The world will bombard you with obstacles and challenges as you strive to achieve your wants and goals. Are you prepared to face them head-on? Fair warning: You will encounter trials filled with difficulties – most of them will leave you overwhelmed.

The worst part is, your emotions can get the better of you. Even when you’re in your most comfortable space, some negativity, insecurity, and anxiety can creep in and throw you a big curveball. Just as you thought you’re at your lowest, you end up battling even darker thoughts and stronger inner demons than before.

Navigate through your darkest days with the Bulletproof Brain!

In today’s time, developing mental toughness is crucial for survival. The Bulletproof Brain is a must-have for people from all walks of life. Know the best-kept secrets on how to handle tough situations as you rise above your fears and doubts.

Know what makes a mentally tough person and learn the difference between upholding mental strength versus acting tough. This audiobook helps you manage goals and set up expectations as you build momentum to conquer your day to day life.

The Bulletproof Bran teaches you how habits develop how to inspire yourself without relying on motivation. This audiobook combines the tenets psychology, sociology, and business to give you an insightful take on how you can build confidence an unyielding nature for a healthier outlook in life.

In this audiobook, you’ll encounter:

  • Strategies to improve your mental toughness
  • Ways on how you can nurture your power of resilience and discipline
  • No-nonsense advice to overcome fear and feelings of failure
  • Nifty tricks on how you can train your brain, develop critical thinking

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Jasper Woods




3 hrs and 16 mins

Narrated by

Mark Rabi

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