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Build a Great Brain Audiobook
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Build a Great Brain Audiobook



by Matt Moore

  • Narrated by: Jordan Reader
  • Length: 10 hrs and 11 mins
  • Release date: 04-03-20
  • Language: English

Discover a natural way to boost your mental abilities, heal depression and anxiety and repair the damaged parts of your brain!

If you want to:

  • Get rid of anxiety and depression with your mind
  • Discover a skill or a talent you never knew you had
  • Learn new things faster
  • Boost the mental development in your children

Then keep reading and find out how you can do all that and more by yourself!

There’s not a man in the world who hasn’t wished for a “bigger” brain at least once. Some struggle with exams and workload. Others are looking for ways to deal with stress or memory loss.

The human brain is a wonderful thing. Scientists are still discovering new things about it every day. However, our brains are also a source of many mental health issues.  

That’s why it’s remarkable that there’s a method that can rewire your brain, fix the chemical imbalance, and help you boost your mental abilities. Neuroplasticity has been around for some time, but it’s starting to gain in popularity as more and more people praise its benefits on mental health.

The principle is simple: With carefully designed exercises and techniques, we can modify our thought patterns, make changes in brain structure, and form new pathways in the brain. In other words, neuroplasticity does everything that psychotherapists and medications do, but it’s natural and can be done in the comfort of your home. 

So turn to this comprehensive guide and find out how to train and change your brain, boost your learning skills, and get rid of negative thoughts forever!

Here’s what else you’ll learn:

  • How is your brain connected to your nervous system, and why is that crucial for neuroplasticity methods
  • How can neuroplasticity affect and improve both your mind and body
  • How to train your brain and heal damaged neurons and nerves
  • Techniques and exercises for practicing calmness, reducing stress, and dealing with negative emotions
  • How to explore the hidden parts of your brain and unlock new talents and skills
  • And so much more!

Numerous scientific experiments explore the field of neuroplasticity and find new applications for it every day. Right now, what excites doctors the most is the possibility of brain regeneration after strokes and injuries, and even healing damaged synapses that cause memory loss and Alzheimer’s.

Neuroplasticity is not about the power of positive thoughts. It relies on the scientific and anatomical properties of your brain and the stimulation of nerves and neurons.

So if you want to power up your brain and heal your body and mind, get this audiobook now!

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Matt Moore




10 hrs and 11 mins

Narrated by

Jordan Reader

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