Body Reset Diet Audiobook By Keith Alexander cover art
Body Reset Diet Audiobook

Body Reset Diet Audiobook


by Keith Alexander

  • Narrated by: Dwight Kuhlman
  • Length: 1 hr and 4 mins
  • Release date: 07-24-15
  • Language: English


You’ve probably tried a plethora of various diets and they just haven’t worked. Or maybe they did, at first, but now you’ve reached a plateau and you just can’t seem to get rid of those last five pounds. Maybe you’ve become a chronic dieter, managing to stick to a certain diet for just a couple of days and then falling off track only to start again a while later, but with no fruitful results. You’ve been hitting the gym and keeping a close eye on that scale, but somehow it just never seems to show you what you want to see. So if you’re looking for a quick, effective, revolutionary way of losing weight, this book will show you how. So stop feeling disappointed if your previous diets haven’t worked for you. The body reset diet will change the way you look at weight loss.

For years, people have followed different diet loss fads that came and went, and none was considered quite a breakthrough when it came to weight loss. Most of them just consisted of difficult to follow, complicated diet plans that not only left a person feeling hungry and undernourished. But most people fell off the wagon soon enough. Even worse, when you do finally manage to lose a few pounds, you gain it all back by going back to your old ways. We’ve all gone through at least one such experience. Whether it involves starving yourself or training hours at the gym, the end result is the same. So what exactly have we been doing wrong all this time and how exactly do we counter past failures and do it right this time around? This is where the body reset diet comes in. We have trained our bodies, unfortunately, to be dependent on the fatty, unhealthy foods that are part of our everyday routine. So obviously, when we take that food away, all of a sudden our body is not used to it at all!

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Keith Alexander




1 hr and 4 mins

Narrated by

Dwight Kuhlman

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