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Body Language, the Art of Speed Reading People Audiobook
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Body Language, the Art of Speed Reading People Audiobook



by Christine Healey

  • Narrated by: Clay Willison
  • Length: 3 hrs and 12 mins
  • Release date: 03-11-20
  • Language: English


Your body speaks more than a thousand words.

Are you struggling to understand people’s intentions and would like to know how to interpret unconscious and non-verbal signals? Would you like to spot what others think of you by the way you make use of your body? Have you ever wanted to be more persuasive, or to learn how to influence others?

Then this audiobook will open your eyes to the world of human behaviour and the ground-breaking techniques of dark psychology, teaching you how to interpret and even use at your advantage body posture, gestures, facial expressions, use of space and physical behaviour.

In this audiobook you will learn:

  • How to better understand human psychology.
  • How to quickly analyze people’s faces and easily read body language.
  • How to tell if someone is trying to manipulate you and avoid getting manipulated.
  • How to fake your body language and your confidence, even if you have low self-esteem!
  • What your crush secretly wants you to know!
  • How to find out if someone is flirting with you!
  • How to improve your own negotiating skills.
  • How to use NLP to get what you want!
  • How to influence others and secret persuasion techniques…

Moreover, learn the techniques that will allow you to get yourself a raise, stand out from the competition and achieve more career success. Plus, this audiobook will teach you how to haggle for a better price!

Imagine the savings! This audiobook will practically pay for itself!

This audiobook will give you actionable advice on how to interpret people’s intentions, improve your persuasion and negotiation skills to influence others, defend yourself from subtle manipulation, have better relationships, and obtain a high quality of life.

Don’t wait, grab your copy today!

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Christine Healey




3 hrs and 12 mins

Narrated by

Clay Willison

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