Blood Call – Blood Debt Audiobook


by Molly Synthia

  • Narrated by: Amber Grayson Vayle
  • Length: 28 mins
  • Release date: 03-05-13
  • Language: English


Selina is a four-hundred and seventy year old vampire who still looks like a nubile eighteen year old girl. With her sultry and sensuous looks and her remarkable sexual abilities, no man, mortal or otherwise, can resist her. In Book One of the Vampire Selina series, two short stories are presented for your enjoyment.

“Blood Call”: In the present day, Selina crashes a party at the compound of a drug lord in the jungles of Columbia. Using her mind, her cunning, and especially her body, can she get close enough to him to give him the punishment he richly deserves? She’ll have to get through his right hand man first, but lucky for her, his right hand man has a penchant for beauty, especially for beauty that comes along with skills in pleasing a man that no mortal can imagine.

“Blood Debt”: In 1700s France, Selina determines that an evil landlord is not worthy of his property. She recognizes him as cruel and savage in the bedroom, but there’s nothing he can do, be it forced oral sex, forced anal sex, or just rough sex in general that can hurt a vampire. Selina, though…she can do plenty of harm….

Warning: This audiobook contains very explicit representations of sexual activity including oral sex, forced deepthroat, public sex, violent sex, rough sex, and rough anal sex. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic descriptions of sexual acts between consenting adults.

Additional information


Molly Synthia

Narrated by

Amber Grayson Vayle


28 mins

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