Berry Face Audiobook By Robert Jenkins cover art
Berry Face Audiobook

Berry Face Audiobook


by Robert Jenkins

  • Narrated by: Meghan Crawford
  • Series: Sharp Teeth, Flat Teeth, Book 2
  • Length: 1 hr and 31 mins
  • Release date: 10-16-19
  • Language: English

Berry Face, the great she-bear, will never, ever, ever stop searching for Lick, her funny little cub who has been stolen from the den by his wicked uncle.   

Long Claw the eagle plunged into the clearing like a lightning bolt, her enormous talons extended and her terrifying beak open. Wazi the human and Berry Face the bear ducked as deadly claws swept over their heads. Then, a miraculous thing happened. Berry Face rose up on her hind legs. Wazi raced up the bear’s back, planted her feet on the bear’s massive shoulders, and leaped! Up, up, up into the night sky. No human girl had ever leaped so high! 

Berry Face is the second book of Sharp Teeth, Flat Teeth, an animal fantasy series that tells the stories of the Fur Clans that evolve in the Woods Beyond the Broken Lands. Follow the adventures of Three Paws the beaver, Flitter the pack rat, Snaggletooth the cougar, and Wazi the 16-year-old Shoshone Indian girl who gather near Blue Rock to form a new society, the Family of Good Manners.    

The stories are uplifting, challenging, exciting, and ultimately meant to blow your mind.

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Robert Jenkins




1 hr and 31 mins

Narrated by

Meghan Crawford

Release date



Sharp Teeth, Flat Teeth, Book 2


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