Bent Over for Anal Sex Audiobook By Veronica Halstead, Jane Kemp, Debbie Brownstone, Julie Bosso, Kate Youngblood cover art
Bent Over for Anal Sex Audiobook

Bent Over for Anal Sex Audiobook


by Veronica Halstead

  • Narrated by: Angie Hall
  • Length: 1 hr and 25 mins
  • Release date: 07-23-20
  • Language: English

Bent over for anal sex is one position a whole lot of women never expect. In this scorching collection from Naughty Daydreams Press, the rough anal sex fantasies abound and there’s not a whole lot of choice for the beautiful ladies facing reluctant first anal experiences. You’ll find beautiful strangers bent over for rough backdoor sex, intense double penetration, and even a scorching anal sex gangbang. If brutal backdoor blasting is your wish, this collection is your desire!

Bent Over and Butt F–ked While on the Phone (First Anal Sex While on the Phone) by Debbie Brownstone

Evan and Tricia have planned a night of intimacy for a while, but just when things heat up, Tricia’s friend Shelly calls. She needs to talk with Tricia all about her recent breakup. Of course Evan’s angry! Just like Shelly to call like that, and now the evening is ruined…Or is it? After all, even if Tricia is on the phone, Evan still has access to her legs, her pussy, and her tiny, tight virgin asshole for some first anal sex.

There’s Only One Hole We Want and We’re All Taking It: A Rough Anal Sex Gangbang Short by Veronica Halstead

Leah is an agent, not a model, but when there’s a scheduling conflict, she steps up to fill in the gap. She had no idea that this would find her completely restrained with a ball gag in her mouth that keeps her from saying no. Five men. That’s how many will have her virgin asshole, and that’s how many humiliate her by spraying their semen right on her face. Of course, that won’t happen until after her body has already been tortured by a vicious spanking with a heavy paddle!

Taken by the Truckers: A Reluctant Double Team Short by Jane Kemp

Marla ends up alone at a rest stop for a late night restroom break. She’s not alone when she gets out of the restroom though because two truckers have stopped as well, and before she knows it, she’s right in the middle of a reluctant MMF threesome sex encounter complete with very rough double team sex!

The Neighbor Girl Next Door: A Rough First Anal Sex Short by Julie Bosso

Millie is a bit of a rebel, and this barely legal eighteen year old is about to learn that you don’t break into neighbors’ homes! When she’s caught, she thinks she’s in for a trip to the police station, but instead she ends up tied to a bed, and the angry neighbor teaches her all about rough sex and humiliation while his wife watches, but even the man’s rough treatment doesn’t prepare her for what comes next, a hard and painful first anal sex experience!

Doctor, How Can I Ever Repay YOU? (The Time a Beautiful Stranger Thanked Me Again and Again) by Kate Youngblood

Michele Harper could have died when she accidentally ate shellfish at a charity dinner. For her, a violent allergic reaction was certain. Thankfully, the brilliant and handsome Dr. Andrews was on the scene, and he acted quickly. When she woke up and saw him, she was filled with gratitude, enough gratitude that she made sure to thank him properly…with a scorching doctor/patient sex encounter filled with deepthroat and her very first anal sex!

Bent over for anal sex and just waiting for you to move the mouse, so get into the tightest and most resistant hole right away and click that button!

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Debbie Brownstone, Jane Kemp, Julie Bosso, Kate Youngblood, Veronica Halstead




1 hr and 25 mins

Narrated by

Angie Hall

Release date



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