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Become a Powerful Creator: Realize Your Purpose Audiobook

Become a Powerful Creator: Realize Your Purpose Audiobook


by Le’re ‘Hustle God’ Garrett

  • Narrated by: Le’re ‘Hustle God’ Garrett
  • Length: 2 hrs
  • Release date: 04-19-19
  • Language: English

Have you ever had the feeling that there was a reason for you being born or a reason for your particular life path? Something that made it all make sense? An explanation for the visions, the coincidences and the desires experienced by you in your day-to-day life? What if the reason to explain these experiences, is that you are destined to become a powerful creator and these experiences work to help you realize your purpose? The realization of your purpose is a process that begins with the awareness of self that leads one to the discovery of their purpose, which may be validated through a cohesiveness of alignments that confirm one’s purpose.

The actions that are required to confirm your purpose also work to assist you with affirming your purpose through consistent successful attempts of living in your purpose, which is when you’re at the point of crafting that which was written on your akash for you to manifest at a particular time in your universal life cycle. It is then and only then that you are able to awaken to this realization of your purpose and become a powerful creator.

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Le're 'Hustle God' Garrett




2 hrs

Narrated by

Le're 'Hustle God' Garrett

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