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Bad Boyfriends Audiobook
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Bad Boyfriends Audiobook



by Jeb Kinnison

  • Narrated by: Steve Toner
  • Length: 3 hrs and 47 mins
  • Release date: 05-13-14
  • Language: English


This book is intended to be a practical guide to using the modern science of attachment and relationships to guide the questioning toward a more fulfilling life.

If you were brought up in the Western world, you’ve been trained on fairy tales of love and relationships that are misleading at best, and at worst have you making mistake after mistake in starting relationships with the wrong kinds of people who will waste your time and keep you from finding a loyal partner. Science has the answer! Or at least a guide to save you the time and effort of discovering for yourself how many wrong types of romantic partners there are.

Reading this book will help you recognize the signs of some of the syndromes that prevent people from being good partners. We’ll go through those syndromes and point out some of the signs. Those little red flags you sometimes notice when you are getting to know someone? Often they speak loud and clear once you understand the types, and you can decide immediately to run away or approach with caution those who show them.

This book outlines the basics (which might be all you need), and points you toward more resources if you want to understand more about your problem partner. If you’re wondering if the guy or girl you’ve been hanging out with might not be quite right, this is the place to match those little red flags you’ve noticed with known bad types. And by getting out fast, you can avoid emotional damage and wasted time, and get going on finding someone who’s really right for you. Study all of the bad types and you’ll detect them before even getting involved. Or you could be one of the few people who recognizes their own problems in one of these types. There are study materials and plans of action for you, too. If you’ve had lots of relationships and they all seem to go wrong, the common factor is you! Your task is to make yourself into a better partner – a goal that even the most evolved of us can always work toward.

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Jeb Kinnison




3 hrs and 47 mins

Narrated by

Steve Toner

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