Babysitter Virgin Audiobook


by Hayden Ash

  • Narrated by: D. J. Rhyder
  • Length: 22 mins
  • Release date: 11-29-19
  • Language: English


Shut up, Alyona, just shut up! I scold myself. I hate these thoughts of mine, these naughty fantasies. He’s my daddy’s boss, for god’s sake. I could never be with him.

Then, there’s the matter of all the women he takes out on dates. They’re all gorgeous enough to be supermodels – and dumb enough to be them, too. I guess that’s his type. I know that means I’m not. I’m skinny, sure, and I think I’m pretty damn cute, but I’m no statuesque Kate Moss-Adrianna Lima-Kate Macpherson mashup like the women he usually goes out with.

The way he speaks, moves, behaves…the energy radiates with every breath he takes overcomes me. He oozes dominance, aggression, and control. I know it’s so dumb, but I can’t stop entertaining the idea that I should just go for it….

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Hayden Ash

Narrated by

D.J. Rhyder


22 mins

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