Awaken the Financial Genius in You Audiobook By Tonny Rutakirwa cover art
Awaken the Financial Genius in You Audiobook

Awaken the Financial Genius in You Audiobook


by Tonny Rutakirwa

  • Narrated by: Cassandra Buck
  • Length: 2 hrs and 33 mins
  • Release date: 08-04-20
  • Language: English

Awaken the financial genius in you!

The world awaits the wonder hidden in your yet unseen genius. As a matter of fact, time is moving faster than you think. Do not sleep nor slumber since a little bit of both attract poverty like a thief by night. Momentary pleasures are fleeting.

  • Don’t indulge in them because they have no reward attached to them. They evaporate like morning due at sunrise but your investments remain. It is about the kind of legacy you wish to leave behind.
  • Never live to rue all the lost chances if you can help it by acting expeditiously on whatever you have learnt from this book and some others. Just as the saying goes, “One is only old when regrets take the place of dreams”
  • Do not put off what you can do today until tomorrow; it kills your inspiration and can render inaction indefinite. Do not be the chief killer of your dreams.
  • Take action because that way, you are able to position yourself into working towards realizing your dreams by actively participating in steering your destiny in the right direction.
  • With the material in it, It is no doubt a must read to all age groups and social classes.

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Tonny Rutakirwa




2 hrs and 33 mins

Narrated by

Cassandra Buck

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