Attack of Toxic Momma's Slimy Glowing Puss-Puss Audiobook By Malcolm Van cover art
Attack of Toxic Momma’s Slimy Glowing Puss-Puss Audiobook

Attack of Toxic Momma’s Slimy Glowing Puss-Puss Audiobook


by Malcolm Van

  • Narrated by: DP Loveshaft
  • Length: 2 hrs and 9 mins
  • Release date: 07-30-20
  • Language: English

Gross-out comedy meets disturbing horror in this sexploitation parody of the B-movies of yesterday. All is fun and games for Momma and her gaggle of male friends during a sex romp in a dumping site, until they decide to go into the decontamination building to further churn the excitement.

When Momma takes a tumble into a vat of bubbling green sludge, a frantic attempt to save her results in an explosion, with the only survivor being her…but she has changed. Glowing, green, and naked, Momma’s toxic puss-puss is in full control, but it no longer yearns for men to satisfy a purely “sexual” appetite. Now, it has an endless and angry hunger, and it seeks meals of male genitalia and sperm to dine on, devouring it with the use of an unusual toxic slime secreted from within.

Twists, turns, terrors, and titillation await around every dirty little corner of this laugh-out-loud whirlwind adventure. Will Momma’s slimy glowing puss-puss ever have its hunger satisfied? Will a trail of murder and slime lead a vengeful cop right to her, or will Momma and her newfound ability to pull deadly balls of toxic slime from her vagina save the day?

Find out in this uproarious sex romp – a horror comedy that will have memories of bad B-movies haunting your dreams!

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Malcolm Van




2 hrs and 9 mins

Narrated by

DP Loveshaft

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