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Atheism vs. Spirituality Audiobook

Atheism vs. Spirituality Audiobook


by V. K. Ramsey

  • Narrated by: Dave Wright
  • Length: 1 hr and 12 mins
  • Release date: 02-03-14
  • Language: English

Many of us were raised in a tradition or understanding that bent our minds toward either an atheistic or spiritual understanding, and lifestyle. Still, most of us do feel unsatisfied, dry and deeply frustrated. Does this sound familiar? 

The author of this intriguing dilemma has spent a large portion of his life in a dedicated pursuit of finding possible answers to this enigma. In this book, he addresses an essential lack and pain that burns inside all of us. Even without a conscious knowledge of this pain, human beings can get torn apart because of a lack of clarity on these exact topics – topics that Victor Ramsey has unveiled in a simple yet direct way. 

Men and women who strive to find real answers about the link between absolute truth and their existence will definitely benefit from this original and special work. It is bare and honest exposure of a person who does indeed “walk the walk”. Long before he started his successful fiction writing career, Ramsey traveled around the world – not just to see beauty in nature and architecture – but to learn from people with rock solid realizations and knowledge. He wanted to meet individuals with well-developed intelligence and something to offer, NOT dry philosophy, but solid arguments. This audiobook is essentially a summary of his extensive quest.

This audiobook clearly differs from other works that explore these themes. It surpasses the mental plane of endless opinions, speculations, and words without real substance. Despite its size, this audiobook retains enormous strength of clear reason and understanding.

Unlike some fanatical assertions, or nicely packaged attempts to manipulate readers’ free will, the author of this book leads readers by offering options. However, this audiobook doesn’t portray anything like an all-size-fits approach – it has a very defined edge. I believe it will be warmly welcomed by anyone who is open and ready to explore.

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V. K. Ramsey




1 hr and 12 mins

Narrated by

Dave Wright

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