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Ashe and the Glass Sword Audiobook
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Ashe and the Glass Sword Audiobook



by KuroKoneko Kamen

  • Narrated by: L.A. Johnson
  • Series: Genderbent Fairytales Collection, Book 7
  • Length: 10 hrs and 54 mins
  • Release date: 12-17-19
  • Language: English

A gender-bent retelling of the classic fairy tale Cinderella.

A handsome, mysterious lord with silver hair and golden eyes has created quite the stir in Glass Kingdom among the female populace. They’ve granted this man the nickname of “Heartbreaker of Glass Kingdom’ due to the fact that he never sleeps with his conquests more than once.

One night, while Ashe Smoldris is at a casino, an eccentric young woman wearing a unicorn mask appears, and gets into trouble when she plays a game of poker in one of the backrooms and loses. When it turns out the girl doesn’t have the money with her to pay off her debt, she almost gets herself sold off as a slave.

In a strange twist of fate, Ashe unwittingly ends up saving the princess of Glass Kingdom. Because of his daring rescue, Juleka falls in love with Ashe and starts to watch over him from the shadows. After Juleka saves Ashe from the clutches of the seductress Lady Doriana Gray, Ashe begins to develop tentative feelings for Juleka, but the dark secrets she’s been keeping from him put their bourgeoning love to the test.

Even though Ashe presents himself at the casinos in Glass City as a wealthy lord, his true identity is that he’s a slave. His mother sold Ashe to the nefarious loan shark Lord Christian Tremaine to settle her gambling debt. In order to buy his freedom back from Lord Tremaine and his sadistic sons who enjoy torturing Ashe for imagined slights, he has been whoring himself out to noblewomen.

But what Ashe really wants to be doing is to fight in the coliseum. Nobles bet on the outcome of the matches, and the winner makes a lot of money. Unfortunately, Ashe is a dullard – someone who has been born without magic, and only the magical races fight in the coliseum. If Ashe is to stand a chance in the arena against elves, witches, fairies, and vampires, he’s going to need an enchanted sword.

Ashe teams up with playboy prince Snow Flurris, and they travel to Bones Kingdom in search of Rapunzel’s Tower. Rapunzel is the best blacksmith in all of Fantasia. Will Ashe manage to convince the stoic man to forge him an enchanted sword for free?

Warning: This is a fairy tale for adults who are 18 and above and contains sex and foul language.

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KuroKoneko Kamen




10 hrs and 54 mins

Narrated by

L. A. Johnson

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Genderbent Fairytales Collection, Book 7


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