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Anne Manx on Amazonia Audiobook
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Anne Manx on Amazonia Audiobook



by Larry Weiner

  • Narrated by: Heather Donnely
  • Length: 1 hr and 59 mins
  • Release date: 10-13-05
  • Language: English

On Amazonia, succession to the throne is simple. The Queen (Barbara Harris) is simply cloned, thus avoiding all manner of complications. When the queen’s first clone is found to be imperfect, it is discarded and they try again, but the first clone survives. When that clone goes to Earth to get the diamonds she needs to run the cloning machine back on Amazonia (which can repair her imperfections), she seeks out Anne Manx (Claudia Christian), the finest Private Eye in the galaxy, and enlists her help.

Anne Manx faces more than a grumpy Queen and her addled clone, as the evil Richmond (Pat Tallman) returns to make her life much more dangerous. Manx must defend the Amazonian Queen’s first clone, return some stolen diamonds, and face a very painful part of her past. Does Anne Manx have the courage to continue? Let this digital production take your mind to Amazonia to find out. Great writing, superb performances, and excellent sound design are all tied together with a complete original musical score.

This audio is for teen to adult audiences, due to some sexual references and suggestive ideas.

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Larry Weiner

Narrated by

Bill Hemberger, Dick Hehmeyer, Heather Donnely, Tom Dheere


1 hr and 59 mins

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