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…And the Clients Went Wild Audiobook
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…And the Clients Went Wild Audiobook



by Maribeth Kuzmeski

  • Narrated by: Walter Dixon
  • Length: 8 hrs and 6 mins
  • Release date: 01-12-11
  • Language: English

When you think of a great business, you often think of its clients. They’re not just happy customers; they’re raving fans who’ll take time out of their day to tell you or anyone within range just how much they love that business. They’ll line up before dawn for its latest product offering, create buzz, and treat the brand as a personal status symbol. Does your business have super-fans like this? Do you want them? If so, …And the Clients Went Wild! is your essential marketing toolbox for fostering the fans whose word-of-mouth will drive your growth to exponential levels.

Focusing on the practical—what’s worked for a wide range of businesses—and employing an eclectic mix of methods, platforms, and technologies, this go-to guide shows you five key principles for cultivating passionate and vocal clients. Access a complete playbook of techniques and approaches for connecting with clients as well as a template to build your own successful strategy.

…And the Clients Went Wild! reveals how:

  • A gas station—yes, a gas station—differentiated itself and created a loyal following
  • A highly successful small business was started with less than $1,000… and smartpartnerships
  • Product awareness goes viral in the hands of the right “connectors
  • Effective client communication built an entire financial services business
  • Superior execution accomplishes marketing miracles every day
  • Businesses get celebrity status with their customers by taking advantage of current events and hot topics
  • You can use social media and traditional media separately and together to build excitement and win fans over

There’s a difference between feeling okay about a business and feeling complete, wild enthusiasm for it. If you want your customers to talk up your business at every opportunity, generate lasting word-of-mouth and highly valuable referrals. …And the Clients Went Wild! is the only marketing playbook you need. Start using its proven game plan today, and discover just how powerful your biggest fans can be!

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Maribeth Kuzmeski




8 hrs and 6 mins

Narrated by

Walter Dixon

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