An Esoteric Reader Audiobook By Frater Achad, Eliphas Levi, Karl Eckartshausen, Edgar A Russell, Silas H. Shepherd, Robert Longfield, Manly P. Hall, Arthur Edward Waite, William Wynn Westcott cover art
An Esoteric Reader Audiobook
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An Esoteric Reader Audiobook



by Frater Achad

  • Narrated by: Michael Strader
  • Length: 12 hrs and 16 mins
  • Release date: 11-07-19
  • Language: English


This is a collection of 14 essays on a variety of occult-themed topics, covering the full spectrum of classic occultism and related subjects, but with a focus on the western mystery tradition within esotericism. The topics include Hermeticism, Ceremonial Magic, the Kabbalah, Ancient Wisdom and Philosophy, Rosicrucianism, Freemasonry and Mysticism, by some of the most notable and prominent names in the history of those subjects.

This collection was compiled specifically with the student in mind. The contents include:

  1. The Origin of Freemasonry by Robert Longfield
  2. Magical Tradition and the Hermetic Qabalah by Eliphas Levi
  3. The Spiritual Significance of Freemasonry by Silas H. Shepherd
  4. Mysticism and Occultism by Arthur Edward Waite
  5. The Cloud Upon the Sanctuary by Karl Eckartshausen
  6. Kabbalah and the Origin of Freemasonry by Eliphas Levi
  7. Emblematic Freemasonry, Building Guilds and Hermetic Schools by Arthur Edward Waite
  8. Ancient Mysteries and Secret Societies by Manly P. Hall
  9. Essence of the Practical Qabalah by Frater Achad?
  10. Universal Mysticism in Masonry by Edgar A. Russell
  11. The Hermetic and Rosicrucian Mystery by Arthur Edward Waite
  12. The Soul According to the Qabalah by C. De Leiningen
  13. Death by William Wynn Westcott
  14. Early Masonic Symbolism by Manly P. Hall

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Arthur Edward Waite, Edgar A Russell, Eliphas Levi, Frater Achad, Karl Eckartshausen, Manly P. Hall, Robert Longfield, Silas H. Shepherd, William Wynn Westcott




12 hrs and 16 mins

Narrated by

Michael Strader

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