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Amerikan Eagle: The Special Edition Audiobook
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Amerikan Eagle: The Special Edition Audiobook



by Brendan DuBois

  • Narrated by: Dan Orders
  • Length: 14 hrs and 43 mins
  • Release date: 11-05-15
  • Language: English


It’s 1943, 10 years after the assassination of president-elect Franklin D. Roosevelt. Germany is at war with Russia and rules all of Europe – including Great Britain – and Japan is conquering China and East Asia. The United States is an isolationist nation, still struggling with the Great Depression, and is being governed by President Huey P. Long, former Louisiana governor and senator.

In Portsmouth, N.H., Sam Miller is a cop supporting a family and trying to stay on the right side of his boss, the law, and his conscience. Then a murder victim is found by the railroad tracks, a number tattooed on the victim’s wrist, something never seen before by the police. It’s a case Sam could walk away from. It’s a case he will be ordered to drop. And it is case that leads him into a lethal vortex of politics, espionage, rebellion, and international intrigue.

As war rages in Europe, a new fascist power rises in America, overseen by President Long and his allies. And the people Sam thinks he knows best – his wife, his brother, his colleagues – reveal new identities. In a formerly close-knit city by the sea, where no one is above suspicion and no one is safe, a global summit is about to take place between President Long and Chancellor Adolf Hitler. On that day, history will be changed. And millions of people will live or die, all because Sam Miller has been a very good cop – faced with a very bad choice.

About the author:

Brendan DuBois of New Hampshire is the award-winning author of 17 novels and more than 140 short stories.

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Brendan DuBois




14 hrs and 43 mins

Narrated by

Dan Orders

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