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American Titans Audiobook
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American Titans Audiobook

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by Michael Gray

  • Narrated by: Samuel Hairston
  • Length: 5 hrs and 30 mins
  • Release date: 12-12-19
  • Language: English


Discover the incredible true story of the legends who built an American empire. The will to succeed defines the greatness of men.

Great men are forged through a combination of social, economic, and political conditions favoring both the individual and the greater good. When the conditions are just right, everybody wins. Yet, when one interest trumps another, somebody must lose. It is this juxtaposition that defines history; either man can better his own situation at the expense of others or improve everybody’s situation at his own expense. 

Character is often built from the latter and can carry men through the toughest of times. In fact, history shows us that a little bit of grit and determination can go a long way toward building something greater than oneself. This is what makes some people titans. In addition, people must often think outside the box to accomplish this greatness. In other words, greatness is achieved by taking risks and by doing something different than the everyday. It is this boldness that makes history.

Take a journey into the minds of the titans who created the American empire.

Would you risk it all to achieve greatness?

In this audiobook, you will:

  • Learn how Cornelius Vanderbilt grows from a steamboat entrepreneur to the head of a railroad empire
  • Discover the fascinating story of how John D. Rockefeller built an oil monopoly
  • Glimpse into the past where Andrew Carnegie built an unstoppable steel industry
  • Observe how the biggest titan in banking, JP Morgan, came to be a tycoon of finance
  • Read how Nikola Tesla and Thomas Jefferson powered our nation

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Michael Gray




5 hrs and 30 mins

Narrated by

Samuel Hairston

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