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Amanda’s Awakening Audiobook

Amanda’s Awakening Audiobook


by Cheri Lille

  • Narrated by: Me
  • Length: 27 mins
  • Release date: 10-07-15
  • Language: English

A woman’s journey of self-awareness and sensual discovery enables her to get in touch with herself and her femininity in a completely new and very gratifying way.

As a recent divorcée and newly single mother struggling with the relationship and life she’s lost, Amanda is tormented, teasingly, by her younger sister she loves dearly and has always looked up to for her brashness, audacity, and self-confidence Amanda has never known herself. When her incredulous sister suggests the two of them attend “Goddess classes” together, Amanda reluctantly goes along, even as she realizes she’s in way over her head and completely out of her own comfort zone.

Confronted with the necessity to confirm her own conservative beliefs, the missing ingredients of her past relationship, and the limitations of her own sensual experiences, Amanda unwittingly ventures on a path of self-discovery teaching her to recognize the love for herself she’s never quite mastered.

Gradually, naturally, Amanda’s view of herself and the possibilities around her evolve, due to her sister’s embarrassing goading, the class assignments themselves, and even her own curiosities and desire. Amanda’s new experiences and courage open her mind to all possibilities and help her learn what it means to be wholly female and quite comfortable with that fact. Letting go of her old ways she’d never before bothered to question, Amanda embraces a new perspective on life, femininity, and self-love. When she finally indulges in her own intense fantasies – even as her mind still struggles to accept them – Amanda discovers just what her life has been missing.

Surprisingly intimate and undeniably sweet, Amanda’s Awakening is beautiful, affecting, and unforgettable.

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