Aliens, UFOs and the New World Order Audiobook By Tony Topping, Dennis Richards, Steve Mitchell, Clayton Hall cover art
Aliens, UFOs and the New World Order Audiobook
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Aliens, UFOs and the New World Order Audiobook



by Tony Topping

  • Narrated by: Tony Topping
  • Length: 7 hrs and 7 mins
  • Release date: 04-19-13
  • Language: English

The overwhelming evidence shows that UFO’s and the Alien Threat are VERY real. We are being visited by extraterrestrial beings and the Men in Black are fighting a battle of secrecy to keep us in the dark. In this comprehensive collection you will discover firsthand from best-selling authors, and renowned experts from around the globe, just how horrifying the truth really is. The governments and controlling factions of the world DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW THE TRUTH.

UFO’s, ET’s and The Men In Black – Hear descriptions of an infamous black helicopter harassing sky watchers looking for UFOs. What are they protecting? The evidence in this program shows that UFO’s and the Alien Threat are VERY real.

New World Order: The Battle For Your Mind – Who’s really behind the New World Order? Are they trying to control our minds? More importantly, why does Big Brother want to keep the Alien Agenda a secret?

Crop Circles and UFOs – Are Crop Circles made by man or aliens? They appear around the globe often before the eyes of witnesses. With thousands of images proving their existence, Crop Circles are a fascinating enigma.

Aliens, UFO’s and Mutilations – Thousands claim they have witnessed strange and bizarre animal mutilations. Discover the link between UFO and Alien sightings and the barbaric acts carried out on cattle and other livestock across the world.

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Clayton Hall, Dennis Richards, Steve Mitchell, Tony Topping




7 hrs and 7 mins

Narrated by

Clayton Hall, Dennis Richards, Doyle Shamley, Nick Margerrins, Robert Howton, Steve Mitchell, Tony Topping

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