Alien Alpha's Bride: A Scifi Alien Captive Romance audiobook cover art
Alien Alpha’s Bride: A Scifi Alien Captive Romance Audiobook

Alien Alpha’s Bride: A Scifi Alien Captive Romance Audiobook


by Nina Rains

  • Narrated by: Michelle Jones
  • Length: 2 hrs and 10 mins
  • Release date: 07-26-18
  • Language: English

What if midnight struck and suddenly you were the captive of alien masters? Would the warriors and alphas of unknown planets have bad intentions?  

When I was seven, I thought about becoming an astronaut and exploring space. Of course, when I imagined myself in space, I was always wearing this full body suit, floating around the moon with several hunks beside me, cheering me on.  

The good news: I reached space.  

The bad news: it wasn’t in the way I hoped.  

I was kidnapped. By a dildo.  

It’s embarrassing and it’s a long story. But that’s how it happened.  

When I met an alien prince, I thought he’d experiment on me. You know, laid flat on the medical table with a scalpel and weird alien technology to see how Earth-people were like.  

Oh, he experimented on me alright.  

But I was with him all the way.  

Because you see, we were wrong.  

Aliens weren’t green blob things.  

They’re tall hunks with six-pack abs, thick thighs, wide chest, and really looooong…you know.  

Eat your heart out, Chris Evans.  

Publishers note: This is a full length, standalone scifi romance novelette with lots of steam. It contains intimate and romantic scenes with an alien alpha prince with a comical flavor. As always, the book has no cheating or cliffhangers and has a happily ever after. This book has it all to satisfy your thirst for excitement, fun, and love.

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Nina Rains

Narrated by

Michelle Jones


2 hrs and 10 mins

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