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Aladdin Audiobook

Aladdin Audiobook


by Selena Kitt

  • Narrated by: Holly Hackett
  • Length: 1 hr and 53 mins
  • Release date: 07-30-19
  • Language: English

In this Modern Wicked Fairy Tale, Bart Lamplighter and Eddie Vizard are two con men banded together to avoid riding the 1930s rails by grifting. While Bart is driving a newly acquired, brand-new Duesenberg home to the city, he can’t help but stop to rescue a lovely damsel in distress at the side of the road. 

Elizabeth “Libby” Bancroft is a smart, sassy socialite who drinks and smokes and is an “old maid” at the ripe age of 32, at least by society’s standards. She has very modern ideas about womanhood, like being able to drive herself around in her own car – and she also happens to be the richest heiress in the state. 

Libby mistakes Bart for one of the wealthy Fogler clan and he doesn’t correct her mistake. When she invites him to stay at her palatial estate, he can hardly refuse. So Bart tells his partner, Eddie, to don a chauffeur’s outfit to act as Bart’s driver-slash-butler. 

The two of them set out to spend a few weeks sponging off the rich, but the longer the deception continues, the harder Bart finds himself falling for the beautiful young heiress – and the harder it is to keep up the lie. 

Then, when one of Eddie’s crazy schemes falls apart, Bart is forced to make a choice. Will he defy Eddie and risk telling Libby the truth or will he continue the con in order to save their hides?

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Selena Kitt

Narrated by

Holly Hackett


1 hr and 53 mins

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