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Agent of Magic Box Set Audiobook
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Agent of Magic Box Set Audiobook



by Melissa Hawke

  • Narrated by: Heather Costa
  • Series: Agent of Magic, Book 1-3
  • Length: 20 hrs and 46 mins
  • Release date: 10-28-20
  • Language: English

I can’t believe my ex-boyfriend shot me!

Being a supernatural assassin and bounty hunter had its perks…until the Trust’s bloody assignments made me question everything. When I found my sister lying in a coma, I became a mercenary, killing vampires to pay her hospital bills and searching desperately for a cure.

When my handler offers me a job that could clear my debts and give me answers about what really happened to Cat, I’m all in. The only problem is, I’ll be working for vampires – the same soulless creatures I used to hunt.

They say I’ll be stopping a biological weapon, but instead, I uncover a conspiracy to rid the world of werewolves. I don’t care about the politics, but when I arrive in Belize with my vampire entourage, the mark isn’t what she seems, and the man protecting her is my ex-boyfriend. The same one who testified against me when the Trust took away my magic.

Thanks to him, I’m not allowed to use my arsenal of enchanted weapons, as decreed by the magical governing body we both used to work for. I’ve spent the last year at the bottom of a bottle, holed up with a baby dragon and a very grumpy faerie. But if I can prove who was really behind the ritual that destroyed my sister, I might just get my life back.

They call me Iron Heart, but the truth is, I’m burying my feelings deep for this mission. I never expected Dominic to shoot me and leave me for dead. I never expected the vamps to bind my soul to an infernal demon. And that’s just the beginning. 

Each time I die, I come back a little more powerful, and a little less human. By the end of this adventure, I’ll have fought ghosts, vampires, dragons, and Aztec gods bent on kick-starting a new apocalypse. 

I’m the only one who might be strong enough to stop it. But how much more will I be asked to give up? 

Titles in the Agent of Magic series: 

  • Infernal Assassin: Vampire Killer
  • Infernal Betrayal: Wolf Hunter
  • Infernal Vengeance: Demon Slayer

Agent of Magic Box Set is a thrilling urban fantasy series featuring a witchy heroine fighting a paranormal conspiracy. If you like sexy forbidden romance, deeply flawed characters, and heart-pounding supernatural suspense, you’ll be spellbound by Melissa Hawke’s magical new series. Scroll up and one-click today!

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Drake Mason, Melissa Hawke




20 hrs and 46 mins

Narrated by

Heather Costa, John Pirhalla

Release date



Agent of Magic, Book 1-3


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