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Agenda 21, an Analysis Audiobook
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Agenda 21, an Analysis Audiobook

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by Julian Chitta

  • Narrated by: Ruth Golding
  • Length: 3 hrs and 5 mins
  • Release date: 08-20-14
  • Language: English

This is a short but comprehensive analysis of the UN’s controversial program established in 1992 as a “sustainable development plan” for the entire world, for the 21st century. Its main points are coincidental to the “Communist Manifesto”, issued by Karl Marx in 1848. It includes the abolition of all private property, banning inheritances, reducing the population, and the transfer of all resources into the hands of UN bureaucrats.

The author analyzes every single section of the Agenda 21 Act, as published by UN, and quotes several foreign journalists that were present at the Rio de Janeiro summit, where some 96 heads of state approved the plan, hoping to obtain large amounts of money to implement it in their own countries, something that never materialized. It is apparent that the USA has been selected as the proving ground for this UN power grab.

The last four administrations embarked wholeheartedly on the path to subvert American sovereignty to the idea of total UN control, in order to establish the one-world, one-currency government, so dear to the authors of the Agenda 21 Act. This audiobook presents all the data that was made available for public consumption, quoting some foreign sources who agree that a great deal of material was not published by UN, as either too controversial or confidential.

One of the main goals, that of reducing the availability of consumer goods and energy “to save the planet”, is analyzed from several angles.

Evidently, the aim of the Agenda 21 Act is to reduce the standard of living in all the industrialized nations, in revenge, or as a punishment for the colonial sins of the past. The author does not draw any conclusions as to the degree of harmfulness of the Agenda 21 Act, living the listener to come with his or her own evaluation.

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Julian Chitta




3 hrs and 5 mins

Narrated by

Ruth Golding

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