Adventures in the Solar System Audiobook By Geoffrey T. Williams cover art
Adventures in the Solar System Audiobook

Adventures in the Solar System Audiobook


by Geoffrey T. Williams

  • Narrated by: Geoffrey T. Williams
  • Length: 39 mins
  • Release date: 01-19-06
  • Language: English


Will’s mom and dad promise him a surprise for getting good grades in school. When his dad brings home a toy transformer robot named Planetron, Will is pleased, but not very excited. Until he discovers Planetron really transforms, from a toy into a huge, faster-than-light spaceship. And when Planetron asks Will if he wants to travel to the sun and the planets, the real adventure begins. Follow Will and Planetron as they escape dust storms on Mars, dodge hurtling asteroids, dive into Jupiter’s great red spot, and ride a comet back to Earth.

This is an adventure at the speed of light, filled with exciting sounds, great music, and solid science.

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Geoffrey T. Williams




39 mins

Narrated by

Geoffrey T. Williams

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