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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Audiobook
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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Audiobook



by A.S. Cloe

  • Narrated by: Miriam Webster
  • Length: 4 hrs and 38 mins
  • Release date: 01-23-20
  • Language: English

Learn how to unleash the full power of acceptance and commitment therapy to fight stress, anxiety, worry and other emotions, become happier and ultimately achieve greater satisfaction and fulfillment in life!

Humans have an insatiable appetite for more. And considering the massive rise of consumerism in today’s world, things only move from bad to worse as we are constantly told how we are not good enough, rich enough, hardworking enough, popular enough, and so much more.

This can drain even the most emotionally intelligent of us, as we are constantly having to face stress, anxiety, worry, fear, negative thoughts, and many other emotions. For many people, antidepressants, alcohol, and other related drugs are our go-to solution to our problems.

But do you know that you really don’t have to rely on medication, alcohol, and those strange substances you may be relying on to deal with stress, anxiety, anger, worry, frustration, fatigue, and more?

Yes, there is another way and that is using acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), a form of cognitive behavioral therapy, which has been proven to be just as effective as mainstream medication, without exposing you to the possible side effects of medication.

With ACT, you learn to accept life as it unfolds calmly and without letting your emotions take over your life to a point of influencing your responses. Imagine how much calmer your life would be if you could accept what life throws at you without acting out based on the emotions. Your personal and professional relationships would thrive, don’t you think?

Indeed, things would be different.

  • But what exactly does ACT entail?
  • What’s the theory behind ACT?
  • What are its principles or guidelines?
  • How can you incorporate it into your life?
  • What’s the science behind acceptance and commitment therapy?
  • How do you prepare yourself for an ACT session?
  • How is ACT different from anything you’ve ever tried?

If you have these and many other related questions, this audiobook is for you so keep reading.

The audiobook will teach you the ins and outs of ACT to help you develop your ability deal with the lows and highs of life with superhuman level of controlling your emotions.

More precisely, the audiobook will teach you:

  • The basics of acceptance and commitment therapy, how it works, scientific studies that back its effectiveness and more
  • How ACT differs from other mindfulness based approaches
  • The foundations of acceptance and commitment therapy
  • The different techniques of acceptance and commitment therapy
  • The six core processes of ACT
  • How to make the most use of the ACT model of psychological suffering
  • How to use acceptance and commitment therapy in the treatment of chronic pain
  • How the ACT approach to chronic pain differs from traditional CBT
  • How to apply ACT in a group setting to fight stress, anxiety, depression, and more
  • Where mindfulness comes in ACT, including the steps to take
  • And much more!

You don’t need to have any prior knowledge about ACT. With the teachings in this audiobook, you should be able to start applying everything you learn to get started and be able to talk about it with confidence.

Get your audiobook now to get started!

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A.S. Cloe




4 hrs and 38 mins

Narrated by

Miriam Webster

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