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A Power Renewed Audiobook
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A Power Renewed Audiobook



by Robert W. Ross

  • Narrated by: Nick Podehl
  • Length: 10 hrs
  • Release date: 03-28-16
  • Language: English

Out of the smoldering ruins of the war in heaven, the Archangels Raphael and Michael cannot believe the agreement made between God and his Morning Star, Lucifer. Unwilling to either destroy the fallen angel or leave him with a free hand upon the world, God sets in motion a struggle that will span the millennia from creation to present day. Two Sentinels are invested with the ability to bend the laws of creation to their will and each represents the primal forces of Order and Chaos. Throughout the centuries, Micah ben Judah has shouldered the burden of keeping legions of unnatural creatures in check, but no more. The time has come for Raphael to renew the Sentinel’s power in another. He has found that successor in current day Atlanta. Kellan Thorne never thought he would ever have an angel come knocking. Sarcastic, irreverent, and prone to fits of profanity, Kellan is more at home making obscure references to Doctor Who and Star Wars than religious introspection. His life will change forever as the veil between worlds is torn free and he is placed at the center of a war of angels and demons in which he may be the biggest prize. Kellan must accept the power and burden of his own free will, but can Micah and Raphael keep him alive long enough to decide?

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Robert W. Ross

Narrated by

Nick Podehl


10 hrs


Sentinels of Creation, Book 1

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