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A Parent’s Impact Audiobook
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A Parent’s Impact Audiobook



by Robert Hackiston

  • Narrated by: Iqmal Faud
  • Length: 3 hrs and 3 mins
  • Release date: 02-19-20
  • Language: English


The parents are the main instructors of the child. A child invests the greater part of energy with mother during his/her early stages and childhood. Children’s conduct during developing years can be formed and molded in wanted structure and bearing by parents. During beginning period of development a child’s brain resembles a fresh start on which anything can be composed. Negative impressions are given to the child at home, and it hampers their development and improvement. 

Appropriate consideration and consideration is basic in child development. Parents assume a significant job in establishing framework of child’s character by giving warmth, endorsement, acknowledgment and an open situation which aides in building up their subjective, social, passionate and moral improvement and outcomes being developed of a solid child or tranquil child. Parents assume significant job in childhood of children. They make endeavor to mingle the child and help them in creating a feeling of belongingness, we-feeling. 

Presented in logical order, this book covers critical topics like:

  • Health, habits, and child nurture
  • Factors contributing to son’s development
  • Support active learning
  • Character development 
  • Children cooperate
  • Setting limits with empathy
  • Resolve family conflicts peacefully
  • And more…

At the point when a child is adored, acknowledged, and given due opportunity to take choices all alone it creates in them a feeling of belongingness and minding frame of mind toward parents and critical others. Basically, social help is essential factor in children’s development and improvement. It has a positive impact in child’s development and improves prosperity.

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Robert Hackiston




3 hrs and 3 mins

Narrated by

Iqmal Faud

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