A Guy's Guide on How to Attract and Keep a Woman Audiobook By Kym Kostos cover art
A Guy’s Guide on How to Attract and Keep a Woman Audiobook

A Guy’s Guide on How to Attract and Keep a Woman Audiobook


by Kym Kostos

  • Narrated by: David L. White
  • Length: 31 mins
  • Release date: 03-06-15
  • Language: English


Men are always trying to figure out what attracts women to men. Women typically make references to appearance, finances, and power. Although those things might help, there are many more influential characteristics that will entice women.

Overall, women are much more insightful and seek out disposition a lot more than just attractiveness. This is lucky for almost all men due to the fact that men are rough looking. Nevertheless, rough is sometimes a good attribute because it indicates power and dependability. It also shows that women are caring about a lot more vital things than just looks. So, if you look a bit rugged and rough, there is no problem with that, use it to your advantage.

Using Your Body Language to Attract the Ladies

According to several researches, 90 percent of communication with each other that is non-verbal, is basically done through body language. This is exactly why men must have decent body language skills if you are to attract a woman.

Acquiring good body language skills is something that takes time and practice if it doesn’t come naturally to you. For example, don’t slouch. Sit up straight enough to not look like a sloth, but not too straight that you look like a stiff stick. Keep your shoulders back as if a high wind was forcing you. Remember to keep your head up! If you are doing all of this right at this moment, chances are you are as anxious as a pole. The key to eye-catching body language is to be calm all the time, while having a very good stance.

Keep Fit

This shouldn’t seem very difficult at all, but it seems to be. Keep your body in shape as well as your mind. If a woman sees that you can’t take care of yourself, how will you ever manage to take care of her? Run, jog, or walk at least 30 minutes a day and if you really want to impress her with your muscles, lift some weights every day as well. Whether it be free weights or dumbbells, get those flabby muscles toned!

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Kym Kostos




31 mins

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