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9 Covert Ways to Outsmart a Narcissist Audiobook

9 Covert Ways to Outsmart a Narcissist Audiobook


by Jamie Keller

  • Narrated by: Pete Beretta
  • Length: 29 mins
  • Release date: 11-17-15
  • Language: English

If you downloaded this book, it is no doubt that you are dealing with a narcissist on a regular basis. He or she is probably driving you crazy. They gaslight you and try to make you believe that you’re crazy. They blame and shame you for everything that goes wrong in their lives. They destroy and damage everything that others have because of their constant envy. They want to always be on top, and they don’t care who they step on to get there.

I have dealt with narcissists for years in my family environment and my work environment. I have learned a few tricks in dealing with a narcissist that I would like to share with you. I have experienced their behavior firsthand. I feel that non-narcissists deserve tools to equip them in dealing with a narcissist better so that we don’t fall for their malicious mind games.

Narcissists employ a tactic called triangulation which causes jealousy and competitiveness in those around them. They pit two people against each other in order to make both pay more attention to him or to cause them the urge to compete against each other for his attention or for a common goal.

Triangulation can be used as a tool by a narcissist for one of many reasons. He might use triangulation in order to make his partner jealous and fear losing him. Her jealousy will naturally then cause her to hang onto him much tighter and to ignore his bad behavior instead of dumping him for being a jerk. He can cheat and then blame the cheating on the person that he cheated with, pitting his girlfriend and mistress against each other to keep him out of the line of fire.

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Jamie Keller

Narrated by

Pete Beretta


29 mins

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