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7 Chakras for Beginners Audiobook
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7 Chakras for Beginners Audiobook



by By Lian Kunami

  • Narrated by: Nor Sabrina Luethy
  • Length: 3 hrs and 25 mins
  • Release date: 03-16-20
  • Language: English

Within all living beings square measure powerful centers of energy known as chakras. every chakra holds the potential for huge healing and restoration. However, learning a way to harness the chakra system’s wonderful power is difficult once most of the knowledge on the market is dense and educational or subjective and onerous to trust. 

The seven chakras unit energy centers that unit basic for our well-being. 

By understanding the foremost seven chakras, we tend to square measure able to improve our lives and connect our physical bodies to our religious bodies. This will, in turn, modify u. s. of America to steer longer and healthier lives. 

In this book you may learn: 

  • What unit chakras?
  • An overview of the seven main chakras in addition as a result of the mandatory minor chakras

Chakra 1: The inspiration chakra
Chakra 2: The sacral chakra
Chakra 3: The solar plexus chakra
Chakra 4: The middle chakra
Chakra 5: The throat chakra
Chakra 6: The brow chakra
Chakra 7: The crown chakra

  • What is chakra healing and balancing? 
  • How to balance your chakras, foods, and exercises 
  • How to balance your chakras, a pair of techniques 
  • How to feel and understand auras 
  • Chakras and your relationships

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By Lian Kunami




3 hrs and 25 mins

Narrated by

Nor Sabrina Luethy

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