6 Short Stories Audiobook By Robert Jeschonek cover art
6 Short Stories Audiobook

6 Short Stories Audiobook


by Robert Jeschonek

  • Narrated by: Bill Lord
  • Length: 2 hrs and 45 mins
  • Release date: 06-29-15
  • Language: English


Welcome to six short stories from award-winning storyteller Robert T. Jeschonek. This volume includes six full-length tales for one low price:

“Wave a White Flag.” Old man Henry decides to throw everything out the window, literally. No one can stop him as he chucks his belongings from his high-rise apartment and watches them crash to the sidewalk far below. But he can’t get rid of some memories no matter how hard he tries.

“Day of the Mad Shitter.” A man’s obsessive pursuit of a workplace bathroom slob leads to an epic meltdown with tragic consequences.

“How to Get Lucky.” Hopper the narcoleptic seeks salvation in an experimental sleep lab. Will a makeshift family of sleep-disorder rejects help him find the peace he craves, or will the twisted dreams that haunt him drag him into a personal hell on Earth?

“A Wall of Lisas.” A lonely woman struggles to overcome the isolation that torments her. Reflections of a terrible tomorrow drive her to the brink of madness.

“The Day After They Rounded Up Everyone Who Could Love Unconditionally.” A society sheds its weakest links – everyone capable of unconditional love. In the aftermath, one of the survivors starts to think something wasn’t quite right about the glorious purge.

“The Walking Bomb.” What’s the worst that can happen to a minister working in a bomb factory? A streak of bad luck that turns him into the next best thing to a human bomb. As disasters rain down around him and kill the people he loves most, this modern-day Job sets out on a journey of discovery that might just lead to a genuine miracle of healing and redemption.

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Robert Jeschonek




2 hrs and 45 mins

Narrated by

Bill Lord

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