50 Things to Know to Be Organized at Work Audiobook By Manidipa Bhattacharyya, 50 Things To Know cover art
50 Things to Know to Be Organized at Work Audiobook

50 Things to Know to Be Organized at Work Audiobook


by Manidipa Bhattacharyya

  • Narrated by: Laura Sugden
  • Length: 31 mins
  • Release date: 08-03-18
  • Language: English

Are you always running behind schedule?

Do you have more than 50 unread mails in your inbox?

Do you often fail to pay bills on time because you missed the receipt in a pile of papers?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then this book is for you….

50 Things to Know to Be Organized at Work by Manidipa Bhattacharyya offers quick little tips and tricks that will help you to be better organized at your workplace and in life.

Most books on being organized at work tell you how to organize the desk at work or in your home office. Although there’s nothing wrong with that, organization results from life-changing habits impacting all spheres of life. It is incomplete to talk about being organized at work without discussing those habits and their effects in the rest of our lives.

Based on knowledge from the world’s leading experts, this book has included tips on cutting out clutter from your actual desk and the virtual desk, tips on habits for a better organized life, and also the prep work to be done at home to get the best of your focus at work.

In this book you’ll discover tips to cut clutter and organize your work space.

This book will help you to identify small but life-changing habits that go a long way to keep you organized.

By the time you finish this book, you will know ways to manage your virtual desk and tips on useful organizing habits.

So grab your copy today. You’ll be glad you did.

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50 Things to Know, Manidipa Bhattacharyya




31 mins

Narrated by

Laura Sugden

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