5 Stories for Adults audiobook cover art
5 Stories for Adults Audiobook

5 Stories for Adults Audiobook


by Sara Poons

  • Narrated by: Lisa McKenna
  • Length: 1 hr and 18 mins
  • Release date: 10-14-19
  • Language: English

If you want to inspire your fantasies, then keep listening. Sometimes you need to stimulate your senses to find a more fulfilling sex life again.

With the short sexy stories you will find in this audiobook you will immerse yourself in a magical and exciting atmosphere that will lead you to fully savor your intimacy.

This audiobook contains five short stories of women, their lives, and needs. The five short stories you’re about to listen are a work of fiction, stories of women struggling to satisfy their urges. In a hypocritical society, some may view them as villains, removing from them their right to being human. But, the secret to life is ultimately about embracing each other’s humanity, each other’s faults. There are numerous reasons why women err, there are those who do things to challenge life’s notions of right and wrong. Above all, these five short stories tell the quest for happiness. Each of us, you and I, we all want to look for what makes us happy, and more often than not, this means doing things many consider taboo. Are you ready to listen about their journey? Are you guilty of doing the same?

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Attention! This audiobook contains sexually explicit scenes, adult language, themes, and other contents that may be offensive to some listeners. Please make sure to store it somewhere underage people will not be able to access.

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Sara Poons

Narrated by

Lisa McKenna


1 hr and 18 mins

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