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2036: The Year Trump Stepped Down! Audiobook

2036: The Year Trump Stepped Down! Audiobook


by Michael Sandels

  • Narrated by: Michael Sandels
  • Length: 3 hrs and 43 mins
  • Release date: 11-08-19
  • Language: English

2036: The Year Trump Stepped Down is the hilarious and quirky futuristic story of America after enduring 20 years with Donald TXXXP and his family running the show. The good news is, you’ll never have to read the TXXXP name since this book redacts it every time (but this is the audiobook, so maybe there is no good news – you’ll just have to listen to find out). The bad news is, the country is a catastrophic mess, a barren wasteland similar to the Old West, except now both coasts, East and West, are completely gone! 

America in 2036 is a place where only two types of people exist: the have-nots and the rich. The have-nots must gut it out every day in the dangerous outdoors (suffering other-worldly and disastrous weather patterns along with the better-than-likely chance of getting shot for any reason at all). The rich reside in the 10 domed capital cities, all of them able to withstand any weather catastrophe from the outside world, and they receive every penny of the Administration’s coffers to support their own homes, these 10 examples of human ingenuity, these 10-mile-wide luxury domes called the capital cities. In the novella, an array of six different groups of people from every walk of life in 2036 America strive to survive the frequent world-shaking events of the day, and all the while desperately trying to figure out what happened to the entire Southern Hemisphere (which, rumor has it, is missing). 

To uncover the answers, the book takes its listener into the jaw-dropping, comical, and satirical world of the TXXXP “Regime” (as they’re now called), including the nonrepentant KellyaXXX CXXXXY and the sociopathic Stephen MXXXER amongst others. In short, the world has become a ludicrous wasteland only 16 years from our present day. 2036: The Year Trump Stepped Down is a fun, often-deep, and oft-hilarious pause-resister (which can be consumed easily in one day at the beach) (without the kids) that takes its listener into the heart of a future America with this Administration at the helm for two decades, and they’re still refusing to leave, 20 years later! 

The story follows six separate groups of characters, each with their own eponymous subchapter, which creates the common structure of the story. Besides Donald J., The Chosen One, Himself, the other main characters include The Mcgillicuddys, a family of four trying to survive in the wastelands; Bob and Ted, a gay couple who live above the former East Coast as algae farmers in a small hut, suspended above the ocean; the entire TXXXP Administration, including The Chosen One, plus Duke Don the Younger, Prince Eric, and Princess Ivanka (all of whom have been trying out the whole royalty thing for the last few years, but it’s all still pretty new to them); Alice who is a Rambo-like, solo survivor out in the wastelands; and Admiral Grayson Bilge, the middle-aged Secretary of War for the Administration, who’s having serious doubts about the horror he’s created along with this Administration. 

By the exciting conclusion, the novella’s characters have battled gamely on until the final-day showdown. Whether the world survives or not at this point, dear listener, is wrapped up neatly by the end, when the story reveals some surprises, and the listener finally gets to see the real truth behind the tale’s mysteries in this futuristic, truth-ambiguous landscape of dust and lies. On top of it all, 2036 is the story of the infamous TXXXP family, if they continued on for 20 full years as the proverbial bull in a China-shop world, and the tragic decisions made in the past (and present) which are now re-circling back to haunt them, and, in the end, punish the evildoers in all-too-just ways. Hopefully, just hopefully, everyone else won’t be punished in the process.

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Michael Sandels

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Michael Sandels


3 hrs and 43 mins

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