1947: When Now Begins Audiobook By Elisabeth Åsbrink cover art
1947: When Now Begins Audiobook

1947: When Now Begins Audiobook


by Elisabeth Åsbrink

  • Narrated by: Joan Walker
  • Length: 6 hrs and 49 mins
  • Release date: 11-09-17
  • Language: English

As the clock strikes the end of the war, the time begins to turn towards a new age – the one we call now.

This shift does not happen overnight, from one day to the next – instead the world vibrates for a number of years. People try to find their way back to homes that are no longer there or on to an uncertain future across the sea. Some run from their deeds, and most get away. Among the millions in flight across Europe looking for a new home in 1947 is Elisabeth Åsbrink’s father.

In 1947, production begins of the Kalashnikov, Christian Dior creates the New Look, Simone de Beauvoir writes The Second Sex, the first actual computer bug is discovered, the CIA is set up, a clockmaker’s son draws up the plan that remains the goal of jihadists to this day, and a UN committee is given four months to find a solution to the problem of Palestine.

In 1947, Elisabeth Åsbrink chronicles the creation of the modern world, as the forces that will go on to govern all our lives during the next 70 years first make themselves known.

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Elisabeth Åsbrink




6 hrs and 49 mins

Narrated by

Joan Walker

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