10 Minutes Deep Breathing Audiobook By Franziska Diesmann, Torsten Abrolat cover art
10 Minutes Deep Breathing Audiobook

10 Minutes Deep Breathing Audiobook


by Franziska Diesmann

  • Narrated by: Colin Griffiths-Brown
  • Length: 1 hr and 37 mins
  • Release date: 07-06-20
  • Language: English

This audio book was written at the beginning of April 2020 in a situation in Germany that was unprecedented in the history of the Federal Republic: the pandemic under the Covid-19 virus dramatically changed the entire social situation for many people.

New findings in stress research support the application of deep relaxation techniques. In stress and crisis situations, it is important to find a way to simply take a deep breath, to calm down.

These 9 effective combination exercises consisting of deep relaxation methods, breathing techniques and – mentally targeted – supporting affirmations provide mental and physical regeneration. On this background, ’10 Minutes of Breathing Through’ has been developed to quickly, easily and purposefully restore calm and new energy.

The 9 short breath regenerations at a glance:

  • 10 minutes of health & strength;
  • 10 minutes of energy & courage generation;
  • 10 minutes of breathing joy & happiness;
  • 10 minutes of patience & serenity;
  • 10 minutes of breathing hope & confidence;
  • 10 minutes of generating and feeling love & harmony;
  • 10 minutes breathing in mindfulness & well-being;
  • 10 minutes of breathing security & safety;
  • 10 minutes of generating peace & quiet with your breath.

Apply these exercises in stressful moments to integrate an effective module of relaxation and regeneration into your daily routine in your everyday life or work breaks and draw new strength and confidence from it.

At the end you will receive a version of ’10 Minutes of Breath Relaxation Music’ for your self-designed time out.

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Franziska Diesmann, Torsten Abrolat




1 hr and 37 mins

Narrated by

Colin Griffiths-Brown

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