10 Lessons I Learned After Battling Cancer Twice Audiobook By Alexander Chase cover art
10 Lessons I Learned After Battling Cancer Twice Audiobook

10 Lessons I Learned After Battling Cancer Twice Audiobook


by Alexander Chase

  • Narrated by: Stacy Carson
  • Length: 32 mins
  • Release date: 07-26-16
  • Language: English

A personal history of my very own battle with cancer.

Ten lessons I learned after battling with cancer twice at the age of 25.

Being diagnosed with cancer can really break you down, especially in a case like mine. I have two children, who at the time were only three and five years old – a very difficult situation to explain and quite difficult to understand. I remember waiting in the doctor’s room for the report with the results from my last surgery, a report that changed my life and put an end to a very unforgettable experience. People often require a lot of time to process something like this. Some break down in tears, while others go into a state of denial and disbelief. However, sooner or later, everyone comes to terms with it.

It is what you do after that realization which is the most important step. I am a survivor, a very proud and happy one, having fought cancer twice before I turned 25 years old. In June 2013, I was diagnosed with cancer. The doctors told me that I had a tumor in the lower abdomen. Thankfully for me, the diagnosis was made on time and the tumor had not grown so much that a simple surgery would do it (as per the doctor). The treatment that followed was pretty straight forward, and soon my life returned to normal. However, it wasn’t the end of the story for me. Because in March 2014, a scan revealed that I had now a metastasis from the previous cancer, but this time, it targeted the lower lobe of my left lung, measuring about eight centimeters. This revelation really had a massive impact on me. The doctors did not have an answer. It literally felt like the entire world was dropped on my shoulders. But inside, I felt that this new cancer was a result of the poor diet, stress, and my overall lifestyle. Thus I had to go through the process all over again, but this time, chemotherapies and multiples surgeries were on the way. People who are aware of the effects of chemotherapy would sympathize with me when I say it was the toughest time of my life. But you know what they say, adversity is a great teacher.

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Alexander Chase




32 mins

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